Why you may want to do this beyond purely interest and opportunities for good money

It is an exciting and interesting time we live in.

Picture representing Artificial Intelligence.

But also, a little bit scary.

The development of automation and robotics is evolving rapidly. Soon the AI-effect will kick in fully and the evolution will hyper boost.

As I made a serious attempt to have a degree in Master of Science in Robotics, I got a good perspective on how the future might look like.

As the horses went obsolete at the beginning of the 20th century, as will most of the people be regarding very many branches of work. If you are wondering what branches are believed to be among the first where humans will get obsolete? Here they are.




How come the scientists believe these are the first ones to vanish for human applicants? It sounds crazy.

Well the answer is simple. Computers do these things better.

An AI will be able to do a more precise and faster analyze of a person’s reaction to a specific marketing of a merchandise. AI will be able to read signs from wrinkles in the forehead, micro shakes in the voice, body temperature, size of pupils and other “tells” that people have that reveal their intentions. Therefore, be faster at taking appropriate actions to be able to close the deal.

The same goes for the other two branches.

The AI will, when it has learned the “how”, perform surgery faster, with more precision and an almost precise continuity. On top of this, it will do it 24/7, 365 days a year, without salary.

And what about the economist?

Well, who do you think is better to handle mathematics and calculus? Who do you think is better at handle statistics and forecasts?

We already use computers to do most of the calculations and forecasts in the economy.

Give the computer enough feeds of real-time information today and you will get an almost precise prediction of outcome. No human will ever be able to process as many information feeds as a computer can. Then just think about what an AI will be able to do.

There is a great risk that engineers will suffer the same faith as they also work in the calculus area.

Computers will soon be better at calculating strengths and creating constructions when other systems have given the conditions.

We are, in the first hand, talking about engineers on a level below the Master of Science, as they are working with existing systems.

So when can we expect this to come true?

Picture representing The time in high speed.

Within our lifetime?

I would say if I hadn´t decided to change my lifestyle and source of income now. I would probably not be able to have a job all the way to my retirement anyway. I become 45 years old this year.

Not there yet, but.

These following numbers are taken out of the blue but are more for an explanatory purpose of what might happen. But it´s possible.

We are not there yet with the AI. As far as I know, we don´t have any sophisticated AI yet. But as soon as there is one, consider this.

Imagine an AI that just has learned to interpret and understand the written language in one language. It is quite likely it will know how to interpret and understand all the worlds languages within the hour. Most likely an even shorter time period. This does not exclude all not spoken languages.

Let’s say this AI is at an understanding of a 3-year-old human child. Very likely the AI will have the understanding that of a teenager after a week and a young adult with a Master of Science degree a day after that.

The evolution of the AI will be progressive, and it will learn exponentially. I predict it will “know” more than the combined human knowledge bank within a year from its state of a 3-year-olds understanding.

This might be scary to some as they are incapable to adapt to this new situation.

New possibilities open.

I, on the other hand, see this time we live in right now before all this, as an opportunity to change my lifestyle to something new. Create an income base that consists of a smarter way of working. More automated and therefore a more passive income model than the old conventional type of working. This is what creating a Digital Lifestyle Business is all about.

As I progress to my goal to become an entrepreneur who has a Digital Lifestyle Business, I also futureproof my livelihood.

Well then, what is a Digital Lifestyle Business?

And why do I want to have that?
You might ask.

Picture representing A man working from the comfort of his home.

I will try to explain this from the beginning.

This is a business that you can maintain from anywhere in the world if you have a laptop and an internet connection. These circumstances make this the Digital Lifestyle Business to what it is.

You live your life as you want to live it, and you have your laptop with you and work how and when you feel like it.

And it has never ever been so easy to build yourself this type of business as it is right now.


Relative other businesses there is low investment costs. So low that if you chose to let it take time and chose the model that requires the least investment, it´s ridiculous.

You can spend lots of money to speed things up if you got it. But you don´t need to if you don´t have tons of money you want to or can, spend on this.

You can, of course, do it all by yourself and spread the money around you and hope it will go well. Or you can get mentors to guide you and advise you. Advise you when to spend money and when not to, and also how to get the most out of it. The best possible ROI, return on investment.

The best thing is, you can start building your business alongside your ordinary job. Have your ordinary salary land on your account every month as usual, until you decide that you don´t need it anymore and say goodbye to your 9 – 5 job.

What it´s not.

You know that job, that has demanded that your life has to revolve around it and everything you do has to be in consideration to fit the job circumstances you have.

The job makes it imperative that you leave your children to kindergarten at 7 am and be able to pick them up at 7 pm. Because neither you or your partner are able to leave them at a later time or pick them up earlier due to your job circumstances.

The job that forces you to live two hours away from your office because your paycheck will not cover the mortgages for a home closer to it.

Picture representing An impatient Boss.

A boss that tells you that you must be in at the office at this and that time, the deadline for this and that, there is a business meeting in the afternoon that you must attend to. The list goes on.

All these demands that you day after day, week after week, year after year fulfill and that pays you a quite small salary at the end of the month. Considered the sacrifice you have to put up with.

Picture representing A yelling boss .

No true gratitude for your service. It is just demanded of you. And if you by chance don´t succeed with a task in time, your influence and status are instantly decreased to the state of rubbish.

On top of this, you may have the luxury of having permission to be sick ten days a year. Have the great possibility to go on vacation for one or two weeks a year.

WOW! That’s GREAT!

You have must to feel fulfilled by that.

Good for you.

I don´t.

No seriously. I don´t think you feel fulfilled by that either.

I want to be able to set my own work hours. I also want to be able to work from wherever I am. I don´t want anyone telling me that I can´t stay in bed if I am sick and I don´t want to live my life paycheck to paycheck. My work shall not be to make someone else rich.

I want to have a job that continues to work for me even when I am not active for a while.

If you could design your own lifestyle, how would it be?

Now you might be asking me,

But how do I do this?

There is a lot of ways you can build your own business online. I will present the three most common business models that people use to get started.

Affiliate Marketing.

This is where you sell other people’s products without being an employee. You promote the products and you link your followers from social media, blogs, youtube or whatever platform you use to the products and get a commission when they buy the products.

This also means that you don´t have the benefits that employees would be entitled to receive. And there are certain limits to what you can do and cannot do as you try to sell the products.

I take these downsides any day in life in exchange for the benefits I get in total.

You don´t have to design any products, manufacture them, manage logistics or anything with the product other than that you need to know what you are talking about. So, you need to use the products or in some other way get to know the products well enough to make a trustworthy review on them.

The key here is your authenticity so that you have your credibility for people to trust your review. This as you actually are helping them find products that they need and want. And you are helping them find the best of the products.

Amazon FBA.

This is a bit different than the affiliate business model.

Here you need to find out a product or many products that you want to sell. You need to find a manufacturer or a wholesale dealer to get the product. Then you need to purchase and manage the logistics of the products all the way to Amazon. After this is done Amazon takes over all the managing of the product. They sell the products and handles everything else for you to sit back and await your earnings.

This model requires a great deal more of an investment to build your inventory for your initial business.

Also Amazon has some quite strict rules that they requires their FBA´s to follow.

Still, this is an easier way to start up a business than to start it up all by yourself with an online shop. And many appreciate the more of a hands-on work this is, with a bit more traveling to meet up with manufacturers and the search for products. For some, this is a good passage to affiliate marketing as they often gradually tend to lean more to a wish for a more passive income as time goes by.


Freelancer provides services rather than products. This makes it the easiest way to start a business. You don´t need to focus on product acquirement, logistics or anything like that.

If you have a skill that you know there is a market for, like a writer, an artist, a videographer, a photographer, a wedding planner or a business consultant. Then you can be up and running with a business within a very short time.

For the most part of it, you will still be your own boss in this model, working from home. But you will also still be working directly towards clients that have demands regarding deadlines and such.

What is right for you?

So, which of these models is the right one for you? Is it affiliate marketing or is it the FBA with Amazon? Maybe you have what´s needed to become a freelancer? You might even be considering starting with one model and when it´s up and running starting another model to implement into your first.

Pros and cons.

Well, they all have their pros and cons.

Affiliate marketing will most likely take longer before it´s up and running and generating a good and steady income. But the good thing about the affiliate model is that when it´s up and running it is quite a passive income. It keeps working for you. Don´t misunderstand me here, you will still need to maintain the business. But this is a smart way of selling. Your work is out on the internet doing the work every second of the day to potentially billions of people if done correctly.

Freelancer and FBA with Amazon is a faster way of getting the income rolling. They also require more investment in time or money.

The freelancer model will demand time depending on the type of service you provide. Different services pay differently. But as soon as you put your services on the market and a client buys your service, you will have your money.

FBA will also demand time but also a bit more money. For finding products, purchasing and transporting them to Amazon. But as soon as they are at Amazon, on their market and are sold the payments will start to arrive.

No matter what you begin with, you will probably want to shift away from active income towards a more passive income model.

This, as you want time freedom as well as money freedom.

Picture representing A couple hugging on their mansion.

As you now consider which one of these three models you want to begin with on your pursuit of your dreamlife. Have the pros and cons compared to each other and feel what is right for you, now in this moment.

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