Thank You for Subscribing & the Warmest Welcome!

Daniel and Eva welcome You!

We really hope you will find the first Workshop Videos useful and inspiring. This is truly a chance to a lifechanging process.

We would be very excited to have you with us on this journey to become a Digital Entrepreneur, working for Yourself and deciding how Your future will look like.

We remember what we felt when we first joined. We were so scared that we had stomach pain and felt sick.

The questions kept spinning in our heads. “Are we being scammed?” “Will he (our sponsor, we in Your case) or the system get us into the system and then just leave us floating in a void?” and so on and on.

We can tell you, these questions are perfectly normal. And they will keep coming back on you a couple of times at the beginning of the education. Modules 1 – 3 typically.

As you progress through the education program and you get to know the education system and the community, You will start to get confidence in it as well. You will feel cared for, uplifted by the community and confident in that you are NOT left alone.

This education system is built on Mentors. That´s the whole Business Idea of SFM. Six Figure Mentors. All the greatest business moguls out there have a mentor. It is commonly known among the “Elite” that mentors are the best possible way of succeeding.


If You in Your bones don´t believe that You can do this. The best advice I can give you is. DON´T DO THIS!
If You don´t really, really want this. DON´T DO THIS !
If You are quite satisfied with your life and feel comfortable with your life. DON´T DO THIS !

This education WILL demand work and effort.

But if You are willing to put up the work to get the Dreamlife that You long for. The greatest possibility to get there is here, right at your fingertip.

You WILL get the tools and support you need to start your own Online Business and become a Digital Entrepreneur from scratch.

It is NOW it begins if you chooses to. This is the FIRST step.

Motivation video

Remember this moment, because you will have to reflect back on it further on in this process. Remember the feeling, maybe little fearful but yet excited. Remember this moment.

Again, the warmest welcome, if you choose to join.

I also recommend you to scroll around my webpage to learn more about me. And you are welcome to contact us via the contact form in the first place if you have any questions or via our Facebook page.

Otherwise, I hope you are lucky in your life as it is and thank you so much for spending time and evaluating my offer.