Is my dream shattered

The dream of getting independent and able to make my living online has been my striving force for almost 2 years now. When I started this journey I thought that I should make my living on affiliate marketing. I went in headfirst and spent money like crazy on programs to help me make this happen. I was completely set on “This is it” here we go.

It took me approximately 1 year to find myself. To catch up and realize … Read more

The best things with SFM.

The best thing with SFM is that it´s always a mentor somewhere around, available and ready to help.

A couple of days ago I attended one of the live webinars with Justin Woolf. He is such an incredible person, so warm, listening and feeling persona with soo much knowledge that he are willing to share. He always, always grab a hold on someone who dares come forward and asking their questions in these webinars. Justin listens and takes the time … Read more

I received wonderful news about a friend colleague of mine

A couple of days ago I received the wonderful news that one of my SFM colleagues and friend, that started her journey towards a new and fulfilled life. Has reached a monthly revenue of $5000!!! I think she started about the same time as me, or maybe a month later than me. I give her my greatest congratulations as she has been and are sooo fantastically committed and persistent in her work. She has done a wonderful job and she … Read more