Sunday, the day before a new work week.

Sundays are often the day just before a new workweek begins. This is the case for many of us. There are of course those of us who are working independently of the ordinary workweek. Like firemen, policemen, caregivers, and other professions that have their ordinary schedule across the whole week.

I Love the Taste of Springrolls On a Sunday Evening!

For me right now, I’m NOT in the traditional workweek schedule or rat race anymore. I’m free to schedule my … Read more

Friday and living the good life.

It’s Friday today, and I’m living a good and relaxing life right now. It’s important to take the opportunities you get to enjoy life. One of the best things I love to do is cooking. I love to do long cooks in company with my wife or good friends. This Friday it’s me and my wife that is cooking together.

Today we will serve a Texas Chili.

Picture of my wife in the kitchen as we are cooking Texas Chili.
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See life quality in small things in life!

Today I and my wife are brewing some beer at home. This time we are brewing a Pilsner – Bohemian Pilsner.

Picture: Daniel Soderlund is brewing beer in the kitchen at home.

I think these kinds of small things truly are life quality. To be able to spend time with my loved ones, doing some pleasant and relaxing chores together. In this case, hopefully, we get to enjoy our efforts twice as we try to make some fine tasting beer. … Read more