Time for an update!

So now I feel that I can give you some update on my progress to become an FBA seller on Amazon.com which is in the US market.

A thing to be aware of.

I am participating in the education program and so far all is good in that part. On the other hand, I am experiencing some quite frustrating issues with activating my Seller Central Account at Amazon. As I am not a US resident there are some obstacles that … Read more

Splitting my focus. Good or bad?

I have decided to start my training in how to succeed in FBA, Fulfilled By Amazon, business. I will do this alongside my training in online marketing. This due to the fact that I feel that I might be able to turn my economy around to a positive result a bit quicker than if I just keep on going with online marketing solely.

As I see it, it takes a bit more work effort and investment to attend FBA. But … Read more