Long time no see!

It has been a while now since we got together.
I´m sorry but my mind has been all caught up and totally focused on creating our very first Limited Liability Company. It´s no joke, I tell you. Here in Sweden where I live with my family, there is a lot of regulations and rules you need to follow and fulfill to be able to start a business like a Limited Liability Company, LLC. Or “aktiebolag”, AB, as it is in … Read more

Getting into the deep water.

Today is the first day without any steady income. Yesterday was my last day as employed. My hopes are that it will stay that way.

I still can’t make a living upon incomes from an online business but it is still my goal. I am still struggling to get my Amazon accounts, there are two of them now, approved. It has proved to be a real torment to get them approved. I really need them to get approved ASAP now, … Read more

Many irons to forge.

Free ads.

I do many different things right now to build my dream life.

I post ads on free ads pages that contain affiliate links to other already successful online entrepreneurs ads. The idea behind doing so is to make affiliate income on already working ads. Ads that are proven to work. I use Clickbank to find good affiliate opportunities where the data tells me that they are converting. I chose those who have good stats and get my own … Read more