Your ego working against you

Do You remember the list of things that you believed to be the things that stop you from reaching or even trying to get to your dream, that I asked you to write down previously?

It was a couple of posts ago.

You may not know it yet, but in the next few minutes, you will get to know what these things really are.

They are your own subconscious you. Your ego.

Have you ever noticed the times when you have made a promise to yourself? That you will start going to the gym at least 3 times a week, eat healthier food, start taking the bike back and forth to the work no matter the weather. And you often find yourself getting excuses not to take all these good actions.

Why is this?

Here´s a secret.

All these times it is your Ego, your unconscious you, that are telling you to do otherwise. And it´s because your unconscious you are not aligned with your conscious you.

If we would have been learned how to align our unconscious me with our conscious me already from childhood or early school. The results in school and the rest of our lives would have been so much greater.

If we learn how to use just a tiny bit more of our potential at the beginning of our life. We wouldn´t have to struggle as hard to reach our goals or dreams.

How to reach our goals and dreams is all about the focus and how to keep the focus at them. Aligning your unconscious you with your conscious you is how to do that.

The SFM program

When attending the SFM I was looking for a way to get out of the rat race of life that I, as most of us, are living. I was looking for a way to earn lots of money with a quite small investment as I don´t have much to invest with.

But I got so much more.

Attending the SFM program will give you, not only step by step mentoring towards possibilities of earning great money. It will also give you new understandings and knowledge on how to change your mindset to become even more successful.

So in my mind and to my knowledge. There is no program that I would rather attend than the SFM. The power of having mentors that understand the meaning of rebuilding the fundament of you. Having them there as you progress step by step thru the program. Pep talks, boosting your confidence, answering your questions.

All this, for you to be able to become a successful Digital Lifestyle Entrepreneur and create your own fulfilled life, is invaluable.

I can´t in any way find a better way for me to help you reach your goal and dreams but to recommend You the SFM program.

So at this point, if you are anything like me, you will recognize that you don´t have anything at all to lose by grabbing your chance to watch these three

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