When did you allow yourself to dream last?

Do you still dream?

I mean dream in an awake situation, like a daydream.

I discovered that I had stopped dreaming a couple of years ago. I just went on in my life and pushed through day after day and didn´t give it another thought. I didn´t really think about where my life as I lived it would be taking me. I just kept going to work, earn my paycheck, drink my beer on the weekends and buy expensive HiFi equipment, big Smart HD TVs and aiming for buying a new car.

In retrospective, I can say that I was as good as dead. I actually had lost my ability to dream and was stuck in autopilot mode.

What changed it for me?

My body started to give up on me in the type of work that I used to do. The pain got worse by the years and that started to change something within me. I have always loved progress in life and changes, but now I had to rethink what type of changes I needed. The changes that had to be done was quite significant and required some courage from me to be done. This pushed me out of my comfort zone and my mind to start to work intensely.

Suddenly I started to dream again. I opened up my mind and started to brainstorm what I could do, what my skills are, how I can use them and what my obstacles are. I started to find ways around things that are obstacles in my way to reach the goal that I have in my mind. And the dream just started to grow in my mind. I kept the dream spinning around and around in my mind and I kept building on it, and still do. It was really wonderful to reconnect to the ability to dream again.

So I ask you again, when did you last think about your dream? My wish is that you honestly can answer that question with, earlier today.

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