What is your dream?

How would you discribe your dream?

Is it to be able to buy everything you want at an instant? Be able to travel and see all the wonders of the world? Maby also be able to decide how much you want to work? Or maybe you don´t want to work at all?

Think about your dream for a little while, really think about it.

Don´t read any further right now. Think about your dream first.
Taste it, see it, live it in your imagination.

Why don´t you have it already?

Really, why don´t you have it?

What is it that stops you from getting your dream. You need to be straight with yourself and tell yourself what it is. If you aren´t true to yourself in this, then how are you ever gonna be able to fix that what needs to be fixed?

Take a notebook and write the thoughts and things down that you believe are the things that are stopping you from getting your dream. Write it down, black on white. Be true to yourself and open yourself up, to you.

What ever you have written, don´t be to hard on yourself when reading thrue it. It is a spontanious creation that tells alot of truths. Be humble to your unfiltered and spontanious thoughts. They are most likely a great part of why you are not getting your dream.

If you have done this all above. I want you to know that that was a tiny, tiny step of action. But none the less, A STEP OF ACTION!

The Journey to Your Dream

All journeys starts with a first step. But it will not be a journey if you don´t keep taking those steps.

The way to your dream IS a journey. Don´t ever think otherwise. Often a long journey. Those who tell you that you can get rich in an instant and with no work to be done. They either lie or put their faith in the lottery.

It takes work, consistent work until you make it. And you can´t expect it to bare fruit in an instant. You can´t even expect it to work directly without setbacks. You just need to keep doing it. Not try it out and see if it works.

It´s like when you go to your 9 – 5 work. You don´t go there to try it out and see if you will get a paycheck at the end of the month, right?

No, you go there, work ALL month (no instant gratification there, you don´t even expect it) and you KNOW you will get your paycheck at the end of the month.

You MUST have the same mental state in your mind, on your journey towards your dream. You need to aim and have a total FOCUS on your dream. It is necessary to do your own work and taking your steps every day.

It most likely takes a longer time to reap the rewards from your work. But the reapings will most likely be so much greater, in many ways.

Take Action!

Over and over again.

That is how you reach your goal, your dream. Stay focused on your dream, keep taking the steps. As long as your focus is on your dream you will be doing dreambuilding actions. Remember, every journey consists of repeatedly taking steps.

As you do this, you will have started to do something different than what you used to do before. This is something very important. Because if you keep doing what you used to do. You will end up at the same goal as you where you were heading before, and not at your dream.

Take action, make the change!

Believe in yourself, because within yourself lies your biggest assets.

You are one of a kind, and you are awesome!