Turned off comments

I have now managed to turn off comments on all my posts. I do this to not creating a new “social media” hangout space. My page is after all about business so I would like to minimize the effort to manage the page, to enable more time for me to answer questions and requests from you who contact me via the Contact form.

I think it´s important that I focus on you who are really interested in the system I have to offer and not to be caught up in “spam comments”. That´s why I have chosen to deactivate comments.

How I turned comments off

Somehow when I tried to turn off comments the way described here it didn´t work properly.

Turn off comments in WordPress description

Link to “How to” description.

At first, I couldn’t understand what wrong I did. As I scratched my head, I looked around in settings and tried this and that. I finally found out that I had to also choose the correct category, in the category drop-down menu, which I wanted to be affected. As I had done that it was all ok and worked properly and no more comment forms in my posts. 😀