They say you don’t fit in. Do you?

Do you feel that you do not always fit into the norm of how to behave? Then you might have valuable entrepreneurial qualities. Those qualities that are good when you are employed are not necessarily an advantage when you are an entrepreneur.

Almost all articles written about entrepreneurship indicate that it is not for us all. The listed characteristics that are usually associated with successful people are such as strong work ethic, endurance, persuasiveness, and discipline.

Grant Cardone has for 25 years, studied entrepreneurs. He believes that what contributes most to their success is not the same as what society usually emphasizes as benefits. People like John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, and Oprah Winfrey have not achieved their greatness by having qualities that society perceives as pleasant and cozy.

Therefore, do not believe in everything that others say about you, nor in those who want to put a label on you. For maybe your assumed negative sides and characteristics are in reality your assets. In fact, ADHD and other diagnoses that many see as a problem can be a strength that can lead to several companies and other results in life.

Take for example the movie Rain Man. Dustin Hoffman plays an autistic big brother who has an amazing ability to count but he is socially totally incompetent. Now, this is a comparison from fiction, but you understand the point. In the movie, little brother, Tom Cruise, takes big brother to a casino and lets him join Black Jack with a brilliant result as an outcome.

So with this, I want to note that it is how you choose to use your characteristics that are the most important thing.

Not how others look at you.

12 signs that tell you where you belong.

Here are twelve signs that many consider being somewhat negative but may actually be signs that you are meant to be an entrepreneur. How many of them agree with you?

1. Easily bored

You find yourself easily bored and others see you as a problem. But nothing is wrong with you except that you are bored with activities that are not challenging enough. That is why you hated most lessons in school. For example, Bill Gates jumped out of college to later become one of the world’s richest men.

Bored at work.

2. Hate when nothing happens

You have a hard time seeing why things should always be done in “the old usual way”, without anyone being able to explain why. You are not a person who wants to sit and watch, and you are also not a person who wants to follow the flock.

3. Ready to improve everything

You always look at how you can make things better. In addition, you are assertive and freely share your thoughts and ideas for improvement, even when you are not asked.

4. Obsession

You may have been labeled as possessed or obsessed because once you start something you have a hard time letting go. Do not let anyone convince you that it is a disease or a deficiency. All the big entrepreneurs are totally digging into their work and their vision. Howard Schultz, for example, held on to Starbucks even as his family tried to persuade him to shut down.

Obsessed with an idea.

5. Does not fit the norm – You have always felt a bit outside

Until you get used to the idea that you are in fact different from most people, it can be a problem. Or is it just the motivation you need to recognize the entrepreneur within you, who is screaming to get out.

Not fitting the norm.

6. Bad at cold talking

You have a hard time making the kind of small talk that brings calm to so many people. It feels like a waste of time and just makes you uncomfortable.

7. Vigorous upbringing

You may have received a lot of criticism, teasing, and even bullying as a child or teen. This has made you want to prove to the world that you are a force to be reckoned with.

School friends bullying a sad boy in school corridor at school

8. Stamped as a rebel

You know that greatness lies outside the lines of uniformity and does not think that politics, laws, and regulations apply to you. You have been described as a rebel and rule-breaker who would defy gravity if you could.

9. Resists authority

Throughout your life, you have resisted authorities like your parents, teachers, and managers. You do not go hand in hand with agreed norms in groups or in the community you work and live in.

Standing up against authority.

10. Getting fired from previous jobs

You are too creative for your own good when it comes to working for others. Maybe you because of that have been fired from previous positions. Just being a cog in the wheel is difficult for you as you want to create something others can be inspired by and contribute to.

11. Hard to unwind

You cannot sleep at night because you can’t turn off your thoughts. A business idea can also come true in the dream. The next morning you will still find yourself devoured by the thought which distracts you from the job you are going to do.

Hard to unwind.

12. Afraid to go solo

The entrepreneur within you is afraid to go on his own – but at the same time terrified of not doing so. This fear is common in our society because we have learned to believe that entrepreneurship is much riskier than having a “permanent job”. The reality is that uncertainty exists in both.

Who are you?

So, do you fit in as an employee or do you recognize yourself in any of the points above?

I don’t fit in as an employee. Personally I recognize myself in the points 1 – 7, 9, 11 & 12.
I actually felt like I was dying mentally a little every day I went to my job.

As you now might have discovered, there are perhaps several of these points above that apply to you, and you feel empowered by the fact that you are in such a good company. You belong to the group of world-renowned entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Beyonce Knowles, and many more. They too didn’t fit in and couldn’t find themselves being truly happy living their lives in the leash of someone else.

As an employee.

It is not WE that doesn’t fit in. It is life as an employee that doesn’t fit us. WE need to be able to live out our dreams and potentials. WE are great and fantastic beings that have so much to give to the world, so let us start giving.

Opportunity doesn’t happen, you create them.

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