The best things with SFM.

The best thing with SFM is that it´s always a mentor somewhere around, available and ready to help.

A couple of days ago I attended one of the live webinars with Justin Woolf. He is such an incredible person, so warm, listening and feeling persona with soo much knowledge that he are willing to share. He always, always grab a hold on someone who dares come forward and asking their questions in these webinars. Justin listens and takes the time to give the answer live and makes sure the participant really understand the answer to the subject.

I find this to be the rule for all SFM mentors and not just coincidences at certain webinars. Show your mentors that you are willing to really work for yourself and your dream and you can count on them to have your back.

More than just the business part of the content of the program.

Another thing is that SFM doesn´t just focus on you getting to know the business part. They prepare you on a mental level as well. The goal on their part is to have you getting a fulfilled life. Nowhere else have I found any program or any business education that build you up in such a fundamental way as the SFM education program. You get to know the business as well as you get to know yourself and improve yourself on the way.

Different investment levels.

One more thing is that you can choose how much and at what level your investment should be. You can choose from many different ways to approach the business program according to your own situation. Of course, this will require investment, but there are, as I said, different levels to suit as many people as possible.

People are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get a theoretical education at a college or university that doesn´t even guarantee them a job in the end. You are not even guaranteed to be futureproofed on the work market after graduation.

Not expensive!

Can you figure this out? People think SFM education program is too expensive!

I say what?!!

You start your business almost immediately. You are on your way, so to speak. You start to earn money quite soon so you earn while you keep learning. You are in a futureproof business and learn all the skills you need to be able to become self-sufficient. Everything you do, you do for yourself in the first place. And you have the very best support from the very best mentors in the business. You are able to keep getting support as long as you like, even after you have gotten self-sufficient. You decide for yourself. You are in control all the way. You are the boss.

How can this be considered expensive? How much does it cost to start a business the ordinary way? How much does it cost to rent a local for your business, buy inventories and even pay for the commercial your business might need?

How much is the total cost to attend University to get a degree and after that get a job? A job where you work for someone else happiness and fortune.

I´m just asking. Is that really the smart way of doing it? What do you think?

I think that SFM offers the best way to start a small business that is scalable.

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