Splitting my focus. Good or bad?

I have decided to start my training in how to succeed in FBA, Fulfilled By Amazon, business. I will do this alongside my training in online marketing. This due to the fact that I feel that I might be able to turn my economy around to a positive result a bit quicker than if I just keep on going with online marketing solely.

As I see it, it takes a bit more work effort and investment to attend FBA. But in return, it will if done correctly, start to generate money as soon as I have my products at Amazons warehouses and Amazon is putting my products up for sale.

This will now lead me to start focusing a bit harder on learning how to successfully FBA.

It means I need to learn:

  • how to find what products sell
  • how to find the right producer
  • how to choose what type of shipping system I want to use
  • how the barcode system works
  • how to get samples of the products
  • how to take good pictures of the product
  • all the regulations I need to be aware of

and a bunch of other stuff that I will get aware of on the way.

I am quite excited about this decision as I feel it will boost my progress quite significantly. When I start this and I have gone so far as to have ordered my first shipment, there will be no going back. Then, I’m in it. At that stage, I’ve put my money and skills at work and I will have to get a good ROI.

My goal for this is late January. During the month of January, I will submit my order. So until then, I will need to learn the basics of all of the above. Then, of course, I will have the possibility to tweak everything to the next shipment and so forth.

I will, of course, keep on learning and tweaking my online marketing skills and experimenting with different approaches and ads. But I will not put in as much time and effort into it as I’ve done thus far.

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