Sometimes life gets in the way.

Although your ambitions are to get started with your new business and you are keen to get your dream life. Sometimes life gets in the way.

This is what has happened to me recently. And it feels a bit like procrastination even though I know that I´ve been really busy.

I am an active member of a local IPSC shooting club and I enjoy the training and activities in the club. It comes with the membership that you need to involve yourself in working at competitions etc.. As we just this weekend held a competition on a National Championship level in several classes, it required me to volunteer to work with building stages and provide service during match days. This on top of me having changed my job last month makes it quite a bite to chew on.

This feeling of procrastination, I believe is me wanting to push on and keep moving forward. I want to come to the point when the work is starting to pay off. I know that it is coming, it’s just a figure of when.

A good type of business for the busy.

Well, fortunately, the type of business that I want to build can be built step by step and don’t actually need to be handheld at all times. That goes for the business in the future as well. I love the fact that I will not have to be connected to my business 8 – 10 hours a day, 5 – 7 days a week for it to prosper. I will have the opportunity to disconnect from my business from time to time. Take a few weeks off, work maybe 2 – 3 hours a day at any time of the day I like. If I chose to I still can work however much I want to work, but I will not be forced to work as much. I decide for myself. And best of all, I will be working with the stuff I love doing.

There are billions or at least one billion people on the web. And among those, there are a number of millions that are potentially going to visit my page at some time. Among those millions of visitors, there are absolutely a couple of hundred of thousands of people who wants another life and understand to believe in themselves enough to take the step towards their new life. They will understand that I am for real and I exist. That the system I use is for real and exists. That it works for those willing to do the job. Do the job required to change their lives into what they want it to be. Making the change by doing something different then what the use to do. That, “what they use to do”, that hasn’t served them well thus far, in getting them the dream life.

I really need to start with marketing.

It is now my responsibility to myself that I start marketing my website and my business. I have already begun writing down some ads, as I told you earlier. Now I need to make the second step in the marketing process. I need to create ad-specific landing pages. It is made clear to me that the landing pages connected to the ads are coherent with the ads. The potential customer needs to feel the connection between the ad and the landing page. Otherwise, the potential customer may feel a bit confused and doesn´t really understand what it is he/she is visiting. Confusion is never a good thing when you are doing marketing.

So I hope I can show you some progress in creating and posting ads. And of course, also take you with me as I learn the art of placing ads.

I will keep you posted. And as I say in my “Home” page, if you like to follow me I recommend that you use an RSS-feed reader as I don´t post every single day. This will get you the possibility to get push-notes whenever I post a new post.

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