Side tracked

As some of you read this a fairly short time after I posted this can see. It is very easy to get side tracked when starting and learning something new. It is sooo much one would like to have get up and running. But more often the time is limited. Therefore it is important to stay focused and have a clear goal for the day.

I lost that goal for today 🙁

In this case, when I post this I still haven´t done the changes to the layout that I wanted to do. Instead I went on building on my “Offering” pages.

As you might know I am a member of a fantastic community and a student of SFM Online Marketing. And as such I have the great advantage to be guided thrue setups, mindsets and what services and softwares to use.
But it still requires me to do the job. To stay focused. Because sometimes I get into the state of a child in a candyshop.

Ohh I want this and this and this and this and so on.

There are so infinitely many possibilities I´ve been made aware of. And my inpatient persona just want to grab it all at once.

Well, at least I got my “Offering” page up and running. I also got my back-office up and running as well.