I am making progress as I yesterday posted my first ads. Yay! And after only a couple of minutes after the release of my new ads, I got my first lead. Double Yay!

If you know that you signed up for the FREE Video Series via yesterday 23 of July, don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. You got my email address and I´m absolutely willing to answer your questions or help you find the answer to your questions.

This applies, of course, to all of you who signs up to the FREE Video Series and later on even joins the journey to becoming Digital Marketer Entrepreneurs.

This is just a short update to keep you posted. I will cut my evening short tonight as it became a bit late last night. I got caught in the flow and happened to create, like 6 or 8 different ads that I´m going to use further on.

So, I´ll speak to you later. Over and out!

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