Obstacles upon obstacles, but there are solutions

It is amazing how many obstacles you can run into when you try to be creative and want to get some progress with your website.

As I want to make progress and start to build up the business part of my website I stumble upon some obstacles. I need to set up tracking of conversions in different search engine tools. It is imperative to track your advertising campaigns so that you know which campaigns you are doing right and with which you do not do so well. Otherwise, you will soon find yourself paying lots of money for campaigns that don´t convert.

There are obviously many things that can go wrong in the different systems that need to be functioning together. When I tried to paste my UET, Universal Event Tracking, script into the footer of my WP Theme editor the system don´t want to accept the change to the code. It suggests me to use the SFTP method instead. Hmm, I don´t really understand how that works yet, hmm. So there I sit scratching my head and don´t really know what to do.

The power of SFM.

Then I get to think of getting some help as I recognize that I will not solve this myself. I have searched Google and Youtube without finding any working solutions. But I got a big community to ask for help. And for sure there are at least one of my wonderful community members that knows an answer to my problem instantly. The system in which we all are joined has a built-in function for this already. It´s so nice when there are things already thought of by others so that one doesn´t have to make all the labor oneself. Why didn´t I think of this in the first place?

Old behavior creating unnecessary anxiety.

All this furious anxiety in front of my screen with my main fuse about to pop. All that was needed for me to get the answer was, of course, a cry for help to the community. That is what I love about SFM. I just need to learn to ask for help a bit earlier.

I still need to get the tracking to work in some other places as well, but I will now seek out the answer deeper within the community. I know they will have the answer and be able to support me in this matter.

The first ad is upcoming.

Very soon I will be posting my very first ad and I will do so on Bing as they have much better pricing that fits my wallet and lack of skills. There is a great advantage to start your first ad campaign on Bing then to start on Google. As Bing really wants your ad and the money you spend on the ad. Google has such a big advantage in the traffic amount that they can chose and pick and be as picky as they want in terms of rules and costs etc.. It is far greater costs to launch an ad campaign on Google than on Bing and it is not a guarantee to get a better result.

This is a very important factor when you are new at campaigning ads. Learn cheap and scale up the investments when you got the know-how and where to put your money to get the best ROI, return on investments.

I reckon I will be having my first ad launched within this week. And I´m looking forward to starting analyzing the tracking results and use the analyzing data to tweak my campaigns. I think it is an exciting period laying ahead of me right now when I will start to see some “action” from my work this far. Stay tuned and read all about it.

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