Moving on step by step

To be able to get my  dreamlife I of course need to to learn some new skills. This in my case includes creating a blog as a first step. Therefore I need to learn how to handle WordPress.

WordPress is an easy way to learn how to handle websites with many simplyfied tools to manage websites.

So what you are watching now is me learning WordPress. You will probably see me doing some mistakes here and there. But hopefully you will see me get better and better at this as times goes on. And if I can do this, so can you 😉

The possibilities are endless!

Also in the background I am learning SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
It´s no point in me learning to blog and do all kinds of stuff on my websites without anyone being able to find my websites, right? If noone reads my blog and I can´t generate traffic to my sites I will not be able to create my dreamlife. That´s logical, right?

So as you can see, getting a dreamlife requires that you do the job. But in the end the rewards are so much more then just the monthly paycheck from your employer.