Mistakes, maybe costly mistakes

I discovered that I´ve done a few mistakes when I created my last ads. Don´t ask me why because I can´t answer that. I really don´t know why I did the mistake I did.

So, what did I do?

I created and published some new ads and I didn´t check properly that the link worked as intended. Facepalm!!!

In my eager to make sure that I´ve got the tracking in the ad I put the tracking code


in my link. Double facepalm!!! This led my ad-link to redirect my ad visitors to an “Oops! That page Can´t be found” page. It speaks for itself that that will not lead to any conversions neither will it promote my ads to be seen as professional.

“Oops! That page Can´t be found” picture.

Correcting error.

Well well, I´ve now corrected my error and I have to take notice of this sequence and move on. What I should have done, and now has done, is to put my tracking code in the actual “Tracking template” under “Ad URL options”. To be clear on things here, I advertise at Bing at the moment. A good place to learn and a bit kinder place to make mistakes as the costs are a bit smaller at Bing compared to Google.

Showing where to put the tracking code, picture.

Don´t be too hard on yourself.

As with all of my mistakes it gives me an excellent opportunity to practice me to not be too hard on myself. I´ve often been way too hard on myself earlier and almost demanded perfection from the very first moment. That´s not a healthy approach to life and I´m slowly learning to not be as hard on myself. If I make a mistake I can correct it and everything will become good. I hope that you see that you can do this as well. Please, don´t be too hard on yourself. It will not do you any good and it will not make it easier to succeed with what you trying to achieve.

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