Is my dream shattered

The dream of getting independent and able to make my living online has been my striving force for almost 2 years now. When I started this journey I thought that I should make my living on affiliate marketing. I went in headfirst and spent money like crazy on programs to help me make this happen. I was completely set on “This is it” here we go.

It took me approximately 1 year to find myself. To catch up and realize that my entry into online business shouldn’t be affiliate marketing. I figured out that I’m not that kind of person who looks to be good in front of a video camera. My skills are not to sit down and blog every now and then. I’m the kind of person that is a bit conservative and not absolutely flexible and able to adapt to every new situation that appears.

So, what shall I do then if I want to make my living from an online business?

Change of plan

Almost a year ago I turned my focus onto E-commerce. You know, selling on internet.

One year ago I decided to get active within my account ImportXperts within SFM. I kick-started my journey to become an E-commerce business owner by attending the IX-Challenge. This is an internal challenge within ImportXperts that focuses on you to get your own first sale on Amazon made happen within 3 months’ time. Many of my friends in the IX community made their first sale within these 3 months’ and have started a lucrative business this way.

As with everything else there is of course exceptions. I was NOT able to make this happen within these 3 months’. I have actually not able to make my first sale yet. Almost 1 year after attending the first IX-Challenge. I have not been able to make my first sale within this 2:nd IX-Challenge either.


The turning point

I have learned a lot and I have got to understand that navigating and comply with all the regulations that Amazon have, is difficult but absolutely NOT impossible. Now I have a partnership in an Ltd. company with two amazing guys living in the UK and we are now open up Amazon market Singapore, Dubai and on the verge of opening up Amazon UK/Europe.
I also have set up a shareholder company together with my wife here in Sweden.

The struggles I have had to get my Amazon accounts opened have all been related to the relatively complex relationship between Amazon and Sweden. I see now that this is about to change as Amazon now is entering the Swedish market within short.

So from having these apparently impossible obstacles in front of me, I now see the light in the tunnel. And my, what a light a see. It is glorious. All my struggle has NOT been in vain. My dream is NOT shattered. On the contrary. My dreams are coming to meet me and they are coming in big steps.

Importance of mentors

I have had tremendous help and support and still have it, from the IX community and the absolutely fantastic A Davidson and J Bansal. They are my/our gurus and the rock that we turn to when we need support and mentoring. We also have absolutely fantastic members within the IX community who are more than happy to help each other out with whatever question we are able to help out with.

With this post, I would like to share with you, that no matter what obstacles that you face. Pursue your dreams, stay as focused on them as you are at waking up, and go to your daily work. If you want it, there is help and mentoring to get. The most successful people in the world have all had mentors that guided them on their way to success. You will succeed to reach your dream if you pursue it as persistent as you pursue your monthly paycheck.

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