Internet unavailable

Hello my friend!

Sorry for my recent inactivity, the reason for this is me. I managed to cut my network cable on the 7th of June when I was about to drill a hole to mount a diploma on our wall here at home. It´s a concrete wall so I had to use a hammer drill to make the hole and I did not pay attention to the placement of my internet sockets.

An hour ago we´ve got this matter fixed by a network technician and today it´s the 18th of June. So this is how long it takes to get things fixed if you don´t know were to turn to, to get in touch with the right entrepreneur.

Now you may be thinking, “Why didn´t you just use internet sharing with your mobile?”. That´s a good question. Truth is that I tried it and it worked well for everything BUT my WordPress blog and business systems.

Turned out that I wasn´t able to get into my account as I was forced to use a laptop that I hadn´t been using for quite some while now. I just couldn´t understand why I wasn´t able to login to my account. No matter how I was twisting on the subject, I couldn´t get my head around it.

I now know why I wasn´t able to login to my account. I had changed the password 😀 Somehow I must have managed to drill a hole in my head at the same time I was drilling a hole in the wall 😛

By the way, it wasn´t a diploma for skills in drilling 😉

Well now we have gotten our network back and I´m back 🙂

Internet addiction

This experience has shown me how much I rely on having access to the internet and how crippled and limited my life gets when I don´t have access to the web with the system I´m used to. This gets me thinking about how I need to both back up my knowledge-base and make my system more reliable and have redundancy.

As it was now I relied on password security systems that I sometimes not are able to use. This is, of course, weakness in HOW I use the system and how I set it up. This shows me that I need to take steps to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Fortunately, it happened now when it was a relatively controlled situation and my business operations haven´t kicked off yet. So all in all, I see this as a positive experience that will grow me and my pages presence on the web stronger.

And, of course, I share this experience with you. So that you can learn these small mistakes from me instead of making them yourself.