Improving the website.

I am constantly learning how to improve my website. From now on, I’m more capable of using tags. It has taken me a while to get an understanding of what to use the tags for. Now I start to understand how to use the function. As a consequence, I now begin to go through all my previous posts and make sure they are properly tagged.

I have also split my blog into a couple of categories. As of now I only have two active categories. The “Build an online business” and the “Live the good life” category. As time goes and I get more possibilities to get out and learn the skills of hunting, I will start to post blogposts about hunting and nature in the category………wait…….wait……wait for it……TADAAA!!! “Hunting and nature”!!!!

I think this “Hunting and nature” category will be really fun to create and fill with good blogposts.

To be able to spend time doing the things you love to do and to be able to write about it and in that way provide material for your own business. That’s nothing short to amazing.

I hope you will join me and follow my different blog categories as I go along. Feel free to comment and give me your thoughts about this thing that I do. You are also welcome to join me on my journey by starting your own journey. Do so by clicking the button below.

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