I have tweaked my ads now.

I´m quite excited right now. I almost can´t wait to see if there will be any difference in the performance of my work now.

I have just finished the first tweaking of my ads and landing pages. I let some of my ads stay paused to focus my budget on some few ads instead of spreading my budget too thinly over many ads. I have also seen to it that my landing pages are more coherent to my ads. I hope these first steps will make some difference and make my ads and landing pages perform better.

Thus far I have got 234 clicks and 4 conversions and paid roughly $23 for it. So that’s about $ 5.75 per conversion, $0,10 per click and about 1,7% conversion rate. This is not a good result. But it is my absolutely first-ever result in my online marketing life. So I am happy never the less. I can´t even complain about the task at hand because this is actually really fun doing. And I got to start somewhere, right?

To get to know all of this, I need tracking of the clicks on the ads and also tracking on from which of the clicks that result in a submitted email address. Without tracking of these parameters, you will never be able to continually enhance your work.

The goal here is, of course, to get as many as possible to join me on my journey to reach his or her’s dreamlife.

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