I got a tip from one of my visitors.

Today I got a tip from one of my blog followers.

To Patricia.

Thank you!

Patricia got me aware that there are many people out there in the world that have a visual impairment. With that kind of condition, there are problems reading blog posts, etc.. As we create our webpages there is very easy to forget that there are people that don´t have the same prerequisites as our selves. It is far too easy to work and make creations based on your own conditions and forget about those who do not have these conditions.

She advised me about a free plugin to WordPress that I now am testing. This software or actually, script, is making text to speech. There are of course some limitations with the free version of the plugin, but I think it´s worth trying out.

The plugin is called WebsiteVoice and can be found at https://websitevoice.com/ . It is available in many languages.

Check it out, and research it for yourself, as I still don´t know very much about it. As far as I know, it´s an open source code script. And the script shouldn´t slow your page down significantly as it is loaded asynchronously.

If you find it useful and not creating any problems for you, then please spread the word to help visually impaired people take part in blogs, etc..

If you, on the other hand, find anything alarming about the script then please let me know.

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