Hydrogen gas station.

I think this is awesome!

In the Mariestad municipality in Sweden, they have just recently been inaugurated the worlds first off-grid solar-powered hydrogen gas station. They are going from words to action!

The Mariestad municipality is going to use its new hydrogen gas station to refuel their own car-fleet. But everyone that has a fuel cell car will be able to refuel their car at the station as well.

Read more in the article here.

I have, during the last ten years thought about different ways of becoming self-sufficient on fuel to my car. The model that Mariestad municipality has chosen is the very same model I would have been chosen. In combination with vertical wind turbines, I think this is the most environmentally friendly way of harvesting and storing renewable energy. Actually, my goal is to be able to build a completely self-sufficient home regarding all energy systems that I need to live a comfortable life.

There are many home inventors out there in the world that are experimenting with different methods and technologies to create a home-based hydrogen-plant. One of those guys is “delvis11” that I follow on Youtube. I have followed his progress towards where he is now for quite some while now. And I find his work very interesting. You can also visit his business page at https://www.greenfuelh2o.com/

Hydrogen making preferes distilled water

As you need water and preferably distilled water to the process of creating hydrogen. I would like to create a system within the system that uses the differentiated temperature points, that exists within the process, to create condense points. At these points, I will be able to gather the condense water that will be condensed out of the air.

I need to solve a problem with this source to distilled water. I have to know that I will be able to get sufficient amounts of water out of the condense method. As the air consists of different amounts of moist there will be different amounts of water gathered.

But to be honest, I might not need to solve that. Most likely there is someone out there, a proper engineer, that will have solved that when it´s time for me to build the system 😉

I have the advantage of not knowing all the no-no´s and what you don´t do. To be able to think very freely and out of the box on how I would like some things to work. From there, I take it to someone who knows what they are talking about. Work with and learn from them. Sometimes there is an advantage to not know everything. But you can handle just as much without proper knowledge, and then you absolutely need to have the experts in the loop. The heroes that save the project 😀 Engineers!

This is how I will be able to do this in the future

To be able to focus more on things like this in the future, I will need time and money freedom. My means to this is the Digital Lifestyle Business education I have attended. You can do this as well if you like me want to be able to have more time to do what you want to do. Economical freedom to do create what you want to create in the future.

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