How To Survive With Freelancing During COVID19?

In the recent times, COVID19 has taken over the world, and we have seen a sudden change in the work culture. There are hundreds of job losses every day. Even the biggest of the organization is laying off hundreds to keep them afloat.  So, what is the next step? Freelancing should be the next big thing. If you have any skill like blogging, photography or coding. You can get your hands on some big projects. These days companies are trying to hire more freelance people for certain jobs as it saves them from the trouble of keeping people on their pay roles.

How Do You Start?

Start With Friends & Family –

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 You can start by spreading the word in your friends and colleagues that you are open for work as a freelancer.

 Social Media Always Works –

The next step is to reach out to people on Social Media with professional sites like LinkedIn. Sites like these are bringing professional contacts much closer today. You can reach out to top HRs, marketers in a single platform.  So, for instance, you are a coder and are looking for freelance work, then connect to people in IT and related technological fields.

Similarly, if you are a blogger, start by connecting with digital marketing guys who are always looking for bloggers for affiliate marketing writing or content marketing people .

Freelancing platforms –

An alternate approach is to try on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer. These platforms are the best way to reach out to people at a global scale. People from all over the world posts their requirements related to almost every genre. These jobs are taken up by freelancers. The best part is that even a newbie can get work here. You start slow and gradually build up your network. Once you have worked on a couple of projects.  Then you can bid at bigger projects and can also increase your rates simultaneously.

There will be a time when you hit the rough patches and you keep on applying for jobs and nothing really goes your way. Well, perseverance and patience are your only tool. Believe in yourself and go steady and never lose hope.


The freelancing world is competitive and you will face it every step of the way. But enhancing your skills and building your connections is the only way out of this. Once you get a good bunch of clients who are regular and well paying. You can slowly expand your horizons, learn newer skills, and start making money with those.

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