Guest bloggers?

I am considering opening up my page to guest bloggers. As I time after time notice that I am not effective enough blogger to keep my website up to date and interesting.

So my idea is to invite some people who like to blog about topics that suit my page. People who want to have the benefits that come with having a higher level of WordPress account without having to pay for it. They will be able to create content on a higher level with many more possibilities to alter and ad files and videos etc. in their posts. And I will have a more lively and dynamic website.

I think this will be somewhat of a win-win concept. Of course, I understand that my guest bloggers maybe don’t want to continue blogging on my website for all eternity. If they do, wonderful. They are so welcome to stay as long as they post blog posts within certain topic limits. If it is for a shorter time period during which they train their skills and research their possibilities to their perfectly own blogsite. Wonderful! Whatever that works out to be good for them, in the long run, is perfectly ok with me. I am not doing this to stop people to grow, on the contrary.

So don’t be surprised if suddenly there are blogposts posted by another author than me in the future. I might even be some new subcategories under the blog section. We will see how things develop. My intention, for now, is to try to keep this website about topics that include building a digital online business and the good things in life.

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