Got to snap out of my inactivity.

Ok, it has now been a while since my last post. I have to admit that I have got struck by a bit of procrastination sickness.

The thing is that I really need to learn to handle Bing Ads. Together with that, I need to learn how to set up tracking of the results from the ads. Right now that feels a bit overwhelming to me as I´ve already had a glance at the subject and I didn´t really understand the setup process.

Fortunately, I have friends in the community that I can ask for guidance. I will now have to roll up my sleeves and dig into the work. Push forward. If you have to take a step backward on your way, then immediately take two steps forward afterward. Always forward when summed up.

As I have talked about previously one needs to actually DO the work to get somewhere. Success doesn´t come for free, nothing but failure comes for free.

If it sounds too good to be true, it often is.

If you believe in the messages that so many spreads around, that do this and do that and you instantly will get rich and successful. Then go buy yourself a lottery ticket instead. You will have a better possibility to get rich and successful that way. And if you keep buying the tickets, it will cost you the same amount of money.

As you can see by following me, it´s not a walk in the park to create a Digital Marketing Business. BUT, if you think about it, the school wasn´t a walk in the park either. Everything that´s new to us is a struggle in the beginning. You just need to be persistent and do the job. My goal is to become sustained by this business so that I can make my living and have a relatively wealthy life without any geographic boundaries. I will have the possibilities to work from wherever I am and do whatever I want.

I know I will have this, just as sure as you know you will have your paycheck at the end of the month.

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