Getting into the deep water.

Today is the first day without any steady income. Yesterday was my last day as employed. My hopes are that it will stay that way.

I still can’t make a living upon incomes from an online business but it is still my goal. I am still struggling to get my Amazon accounts, there are two of them now, approved. It has proved to be a real torment to get them approved. I really need them to get approved ASAP now, as I need to get started with my Import/export business to get the money to work for me.

My next step will be to sell off one of our cars, as we can’t afford to have two cars at the moment. But as the money starts to roll in, maybe I will get me another one. It is a good thing to not get too attached to physical things. I will put the money I get from selling the car into use in my business instead. There they will be of much more use multiplying themself instead of decreasing as the value of the car is decreasing.

Two steps forward, one step back. But all in all forward, always forward!

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