For a whole week now I have underperformed

This week has been my weakest week since I started my strive to become a digital marketer and to blogging.

I have not been able to make myself do the things I really need to do to eventually reach my goal. But I can´t be that hard to myself that I start to degrade myself or think that I´m not able to reach my goal because of this. No, I need to grab myself by the neck and restart myself. Give myself a nudge, a little push so that I get a small momentum built up. So instead of bringing me mentally down, I get myself the feeling of movement and progress.

I know myself a tiny bit nowadays, and I know that I´m very quick to be hard on myself. All that has led me to is really bad self-esteem. So I have noticed that it works much better for me to not focus as much on the negative part of my state. But to focus on small things I easily can do to just take another step in the right direction. The very first thing that happens to me when I do this is that I feel a lot more eased and happy with myself. The next thing is that my inspiration and lust for work kicks in.

This little thing here, right here. This post is one thing that actually gives me what I write about above. It feels a little silly to say, but writing this makes me feel good. It may be because when I write this for you to read, I also write this to myself. I give myself my own advice. I have noticed that I need to remind myself from time to time about all the good tips and tricks that I, in my turn, earlier have learned from others.

So as I said earlier, I have the experience that I sometimes need to remind myself about my own learnings and my own advice I have gotten from those learnings. This seems to work really well for me as I now have this good feeling within me again after writing this post.

So until next time. Don’t be so hard on yourself, don’t talk yourself down in the head. But instead, do a little thing that takes you a little bit in the right direction. Go forward, not downwards.

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