Focus focus focus

It´s all about focus!

If you want to succeed with whatever you want, you need to have focus. It´s like when you went to school.

As a child, you don´t argue too much with your parents that tell you that you need to go to school. All your friends go to school as well when you are a child so it wasn´t anything strange about that.

All this gets put into your mindset. That you ARE going to school and that you ARE going to finish school. You kind of already KNOW that you are going to finish school. This all makes you think and see yourself finish school in your mind.

What happened? Did you finish school? I would say that you probably did, but you know if that is the truth.

What this is, is an example of your subconscious you in tune with your conscious you. When that happens it brings total focus to the chore. And it´s essential that you know that you need to achieve this state of mind to fulfill any chore that you need to overcome. You need to program your mind into believing that it´s inevitable that you will reach your goal. You MUST believe it, KNOW it and SEE it in front of you when you close your eyes.

This is the recepie for succeeding with everything. This combined with perseverance.

How this has affected my life

I actually didn´t know that I had this in my life until I read about it. But now I know what has made me accomplish so much in my life.

I´ve had 19 different employments. I´ve managed to get almost every job I really wanted and I still don´t have a hard time to find and get a new job that I want. I´m almost never ever unsuccessful with anything that I´ve put my mind into doing. The only thing I believe I failed with was my study to become an MSc in Robotics.

I´ve analyzed this failure and come to the conclusion that I didn´t have the true focus. It´s as simple as that. I couldn´t get myself to see myself as an MSc.

I have been successful with everything until then. And everything else after that failure I have succeeded with. I have fulfilled five different vocational training programs and become a successful professional in four of the professions.

The first one I abandoned almost immediately, so it doesn´t count for anything. It was as a chef. I still do the cooking at home of course but I don´t work as a professional in that branch. The real world in that branch didn´t appeal to me, unfortunately.

But in the other three, I was a respected professional. I´ve also attended other branches where I´ve become a successful and respected professional as well, without having a vocational training.

All this is because of my focus and perseverance on my journey towards my goal. Everybody can do this. You can do this and with this knowledge, you can achieve, what you would think, miracles in your life. You CAN become whatever you want. You can create a true dreamlife if you learn the skill to focus.

SFM is also a way to learn focus

On the way to become a Digital Business Entrepreneur together with SFM, you will encounter many different courses. Among them is self-improvement courses and you will also become offered to try proven self-improvement courses outside of SFM as well. In these courses, you get to learn how to get this focus and how to think around this subject, so that you may be able to become this successful person you want to be.

SFM is so much bigger than just an education system for successful Digital Entrepreneurs. The SFM system helps you become fulfilled in life. Many other business training systems online only focuses on the “Making money fast” perspective. First of all, you can´t make money fast without having done the job first. That´s the stonecold hard truth.

Second of all, making lots of money doesn´t make you happy. It just makes you another rich unhappy, unfulfilled guy. Truly what most of us need is to find a balance and happiness in our life and to use this into becoming successful moneymakers. Then, and only then will you become a happy fulfilled rich guy.

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