Create a better connection to you

I am thinking of releasing comments on my posts. My initial thoughts about why I shouldn´t allow comments on my posts was to not create another “social media” hang-out. There is also a big risk that you kind of lose control over the topics and it develops into a pile of negative flow. Since I am still new to this, I am considering opening comments unrestricted and evaluating on an ongoing basis. If it turns out to not be so good then I will start to restrict the comments to become moderated before publishing. So be aware 😉

I feel I need to be able to communicate more directly to you and I think you want to be able to communicate more directly to me. I am confident that you are a positive and forward striving person that has as much to teach me as I have to teach you. Together we can and will be stronger and I believe this will be a really exciting experience.

So let’s try it. Right after posting this post, I will go into my settings and allow for comments on all of my posts.

Excited and a bit scared 😛

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  1. It feels a bit stupid, but I am trying out my own comment function here. I just want to know how it all works, IF it works and if I need to change anything.

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