Attention needed!

I´ve been informed by Google Search Console that my site is not mobile-friendly. I´ve therefore come to the conclusion that my site is in dire need of reconstruction to meet these criteria. If I don´t make my site mobile-friendly, Google will eventually down-rate my site in the search results. this, leading to my site to get fewer hits from search results.

So now I have to get on with the task of finding the best way of achieving this. Of course, I turn to Google and search for “mobile friendly wordpress”. Lots of recommendations of plugins etc. pops-up of which I need to dive into and research to find a good alternative.

I think that I should have understood this earlier as I saw the statistics of users using mobile and tablets dropping steadily. It must have been me focusing on pushing forward instead of building the proper foundation instead. It seldom pays off to skip a step in this process, I believe I´ve learned that by now. Time will tell.

Well, this means that instead of focusing on creating ads and more landing pages this weekend. I will have to focus on learning how to and to modify my site, for it to become a mobile-friendly site.

Hopefully, I will have a mobile-friendly site after this weekend. I will inform you afterward of how I decided to fix this issue.

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