Ads on my page? What do you think?

I am thinking of adding ads on my page. But I don´t want it to look all clustered up with blinking ads all over the place that make intrusion on the rest of the experience of the page. I think that you don´t really visit my “Start Here” page to look into my offer because you don´t see the importance of the offer. It is a great offer and I find what´s in it to be very powerful. So my first ad on my page will be an ad to my own offer.

WP-plugin for ads.

I am now looking around to find a good WP-plugin that will let me create and publish my own ads on my page. As well as publish paid ads on my page. I want them to be Geo-Targeting so that the ads are relevant to you. I also want to be in good control over the ads so it doesn´t become a carnival full of blinking ads everywhere.

Lean is good in this case, I think.

Actually I am trying a plugin right now but I don´t seem to be able to make it publish any ads. (Laughter :D) Troubleshooting is ongoing.

This blog is about my way to become a Digital Entrepreneur.

In this blog, I talk about the things that I discover about myself and about how to create a digital lifestyle. I talk about things I learn, when things go as I want them to go and when it doesn´t. My small victories and my mistakes. I will share what I learn about the life philosophy of the successful people in the world and I will share my own successful moments just as they do. They are to me, as I believe they should be to you and most likely are, a source of inspiration, knowledge, and encouragement.

In the background.

Most of my work to become a Digital Marketer happens in the background. I do my advertising, gather statistics for analyzes, tweaking my ads and creating landing pages. I do this as I learn, and I learn as I do this. This also gives me the possibility to have the least amount of economical investment put in before I start to regain investments. Depending on how much time and effort I put into this, and how much luck or pre-skill I have, I can start to regain my investment from the very first ad I publish. That is another one of the great things about the SFM education system.


I hope you now know that I have opened up for comments on my posts. I´m looking forward to reading your comments. But remember to keep a positive tone in the comment sections as your positiveness will be contagious and that is good and I love it.

Feel free to ask me if you are wondering about something that I write about or just have curiosity around me. I will do my best to answer the questions I get. If you wish to ask me something more privately, please use the contact form. It is at this point a non-list building contact form so you don´t subscribe to a mailing list when submitting a contact post.

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