A project in itself

As I’m looking to get some guest bloggers or freelancing blogger to my site I stumbled upon Truelancer.com. On this website, you can advertise your project. You are then able to hire resources for outsourcing the functions you need help with. There is all kind of services people are willing to provide you with. It’s all from content writing, review reading, SEO optimization, or video editing. And you are able to present a price offer that you are willing to pay for the service as well. When all that is done and you are ready to post the ad for your project, you just click the button and sit back awaiting responses from freelancers.

Shortly you will have plenty of freelancers offering you their services. Many of the freelancers have workbooks presenting earlier work and many of them also have reviews and feedbacks from earlier projects.

It’s very exciting to actually go through this process. At least for me as it is my first outsource hiring. I’m looking forward to having a freelancer to work with. And I think it will be a very good experience for me.

I hope you soon will read good, interesting and inspiring posts from one or two new authors here on my website. The part goal is also to provide you with this content on a more regular basis. My wish is for you to get as much value out of your stay here as possible and that you will find the posts useful on your own journey to a fulfilled life.

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