A lot to learn

There is a lot to learn about advertising. As I progress through tutorials and YouTube videos I start to get a grasp of the extent of the subject.

There are so many variables to take into consideration and so many different ways to analyze the conversions of your ads. But fortunately, one doesn´t need to know them all but can choose a few to start with and grow the complexity as you learn on your way.

I must say that I´m very excited about this phase in my business creation. This is really interesting and very much hands-on work. It will start to show me results from my work almost in real-time. As I will launch my ads I will be able to monitor my various different ads and track the results they provide me. For the first time, I will really be able to see if what I do is of any value or if I have to change my way of thinking around this completely.

I am truly excited!

I hope to be able to launch my first ads at the end of this week at the latest. As I said, there is A LOT to learn 😉 Even the basics are quite extensive, but not overwhelming.

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