Today It Was Time For Reloading the Mental Batteries

Today I went out to Tido Castle together with my wife to watch the local wildlife in the area around the castle.

Daniel is watching moufflons on a field thru binoculars
Me watching moufflons thru binoculars.

We got to see moufflon and fallow deers. The moufflons were the greatest herd of an estimate of 30 – 40 individuals. They are far out in the field quite hard to get with a mobile camera.

Eva is watching moufflons on a field thru binoculars
Eva watching moufflons thru binoculars.

Of the fallow deers, we saw two herds in which the first one had about 18 – 20 individuals. The second one was of about 25 – 30 individuals. I tried to take some photos thru one of our binoculars two lenses. DidnĀ“t go too well unfortunately.

Fallow Deers eating on a bush
Fallow Deers eating on bushes.
Fallow Deers, photo attempt thru binoculars
Photo attempt thru the binoculars.

This area has a very beautiful sceenery with lots of old oaktrees, small roads and green fields.

Daniel is standing by an oak at the side of a small road
Me standing by an oak.

Being in this type of environment is pure medicine on one’s mental health. I strongly believe that the lack of possibilities for us humans to be in this type of environment is the greatest cause of mental illness among us. Being out here is such a great stress relief. Seeing the wildlife and nature. Hearing the birds chirping in the tree crowns. All these things just tune my mental state into calmness.

Try to remember, we come from nature. When you are stressed, go back to your origin and find yourself again. Sometimes you need to reset to and start again to be able to feel good and do a good job.

Take some micro moments off and enjoy life. Remember how much there is to be thankful for.