Finally made the change

So finally I was able to make the change I was looking for. I wanted to have my blogposts on a separate page and just a welcoming text on my “Home” page.

I was not really sure how to move the previous post from my “Home” page to the “Blog” page first. But eventually I found out that it was a matter of moving “Categories” not “Posts”.
Then I discovered that my earlier posts was in two different categories, that … Read more

Side tracked

As some of you read this a fairly short time after I posted this can see. It is very easy to get side tracked when starting and learning something new. It is sooo much one would like to have get up and running. But more often the time is limited. Therefore it is important to stay focused and have a clear goal for the day.

I lost that goal for today 🙁

In this case, when I post this … Read more

Trying out something new

Today I am going to try a different layout that I hope will suit me better. I am not entirely content with the setup as of now. So those of you who attend to my site after today will not have had the hesitant pleasure to have had to navigate thrue my mess here 😉

This was how it looked before.

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