Turned off comments

I have now managed to turn off comments on all my posts. I do this to not creating a new “social media” hangout space. My page is after all about business so I would like to minimize the effort to manage the page, to enable more time for me to answer questions and requests from you who contact me via the Contact form.

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Turning Off Comments

I find it quite hard to shut off the comment function. I thought I had managed to shut it off before, but it turned out I had not 🙁

Now I´ve tried a new setting and I will soon see if it works. If it works I will be sure to tell you how I did.

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It Works!

My new RSS feed function is working. It was actually not hard at all to get it to work. I choose to use

Category Specific RSS Menu

as my RSS plugin and I found it to be quite easy to setup. I am using Feeder.co´s RSS Feed Reader extension to Google Chrome to get my RSS feeds as they have a good enough and free version.

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