Professional help

Today I got some professional help to go through my webpage and tracking system. As a member of the SFM community, I have the possibility to call for help and support from highly skilled persons within the system.

She scanned through all of my business system and found a few errors that I wasn´t aware of. Thanks to this I was able to correct some things that would have given me some headache later on. She also eased my worries … Read more

I need to tweak my ads.

My first ads are up and running. They have been up and running for a week now so now I´ve got some stats for me to really start to learn what´s going on. It´s time for me to start go through the stats and to find out what is working and what is not. I will also check my tracking setup to see if there are any faulty settings that I´ve been setting up.

As you see there is quite … Read more


I am making progress as I yesterday posted my first ads. Yay! And after only a couple of minutes after the release of my new ads, I got my first lead. Double Yay!

If you know that you signed up for the FREE Video Series via yesterday 23 of July, don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. You got my email address and I´m absolutely willing to answer your questions or help you find the answer … Read more