Time for an update!

So now I feel that I can give you some update on my progress to become an FBA seller on Amazon.com which is in the US market.

A thing to be aware of.

I am participating in the education program and so far all is good in that part. On the other hand, I am experiencing some quite frustrating issues with activating my Seller Central Account at Amazon. As I am not a US resident there are some obstacles that have to be crossed. For instance the verification of my living address. As I don’t have a gas bill or internet bill and don’t have an electric bill in English to verify my living address. I am therefore experiencing some quite severe difficulties to provide Amazon with a document that verifies my address.

Trying to solve the issue.

I contacted the Swedish Tax Agency and requested an extract of the people registry and they provided me with a signed extraction as requested. I then sent it to Amazon. The thing is, I don’t get any response from Amazon. And without my account activated I can’t pursue my work with planning manufacturing, packaging, and shipping of my product.

What I actually have managed to do.

I have found the product I want to sell by using Jungle Scout. I used the software to find a competitive product with high demand and low competition. I was also fortunate to find a version of the product that’s not already for sale on Amazon. This might be a very good advantage for me as I want to be able to get as many sales as possible, of course, immediately upon my launch.

Find your strength in the community.

I am really thankful for having my community supporting me in this troublesome time as it is really hitting me hard mentally with all these unnecessary obstacles. The pep-talks, good advice, and cheerings are helping a lot and are keeping my spirit up. Without the SFM, and in particular the Import Experts community, the experience would have been unbearable.

Last attempt.

I am now just waiting for a response on another newly created case in the same issue at Amazon, where I am demanding a response from them telling me IF they are going to help me with the matter or if I should just terminate my account and start over with a new account. I might also consider starting an account in another country to deal with the US part of Amazon in the future. We’ll see if I get any response at all within the next two upcoming weekdays. If not I will terminate my account and take another path.

So that is my status in this matter right now.

Keep moving!

Whatever you do, don’t get stuck for too long on an obstacle. Evaluate the situation and if needed, change the course. But keep moving, and keep moving forward as a whole. All in all, it is fun doing all this work as I know it is work done for me and my own gains.

Until next time I wish you the best of luck and progress in your own strive for independence from 9 – 5 work.

Splitting my focus. Good or bad?

I have decided to start my training in how to succeed in FBA, Fulfilled By Amazon, business. I will do this alongside my training in online marketing. This due to the fact that I feel that I might be able to turn my economy around to a positive result a bit quicker than if I just keep on going with online marketing solely.

As I see it, it takes a bit more work effort and investment to attend FBA. But in return, it will if done correctly, start to generate money as soon as I have my products at Amazons warehouses and Amazon is putting my products up for sale.

This will now lead me to start focusing a bit harder on learning how to successfully FBA.

It means I need to learn:

  • how to find what products sell
  • how to find the right producer
  • how to choose what type of shipping system I want to use
  • how the barcode system works
  • how to get samples of the products
  • how to take good pictures of the product
  • all the regulations I need to be aware of

and a bunch of other stuff that I will get aware of on the way.

I am quite excited about this decision as I feel it will boost my progress quite significantly. When I start this and I have gone so far as to have ordered my first shipment, there will be no going back. Then, I’m in it. At that stage, I’ve put my money and skills at work and I will have to get a good ROI.

My goal for this is late January. During the month of January, I will submit my order. So until then, I will need to learn the basics of all of the above. Then, of course, I will have the possibility to tweak everything to the next shipment and so forth.

I will, of course, keep on learning and tweaking my online marketing skills and experimenting with different approaches and ads. But I will not put in as much time and effort into it as I’ve done thus far.

Good lessons learned!

I just stopped my ads. At SFM Meet-Up Stockholm Sweden last weekend I got some good training from my colleagues at SFM. We had a fantastic afternoon/evening and it was so nice to meet my colleagues IRL.

I now know that I was targeting my avatar in a totally wrong way. Not even targeting an avatar but I target everyone and that is NOT good at all. I have been using keywords that are hitting all too wide.

The training in SFM.

I was learned about targeting my avatar in the training courses. But I´ve now realized that I really didn´t understand it. It can be that way sometimes. You attend a course and some parts of it you don´t manage to understand and get a grasp of. Fortunately, in SFM we are a true community that even sees to it that we meet in person, in real life. This was the thing that brought me salvation to this matter.

I don´t know of any other Digital Lifestyle and Digital Marketing education system out there that has its community to do this to the same extent. The unity and desire to support and learn from each other within SFM are unmatched and it creates an unbeatable strength into the SFM concept.

Do your research!

You place an ad and you want it to be seen by the persons that you are targeting, the avatars. And only them. To be able to achieve this you must do your research.

To be able to focus your ads on them you must:

  • know who they are
  • where they hang out
  • what their interests are
  • what they do
  • what they read
  • what they watch
  • what they do for a living
  • what they wish for in life
  • who they look up to

You need to research all of these things and you need to put in a great deal of time doing so. That is important that you get this right. Otherwise, you are likely to spend a lot of unnecessary money on clicks to your ad that doesn´t convert into subscriptions.

Why you might ask?

Because your ad has to be coherent to your landing page. And this is where you will be giving further information about your offer. An offer that is in accordance with your avatar’s pain points. You must create a landing page for almost every ad you put up and for every avatar you are targeting. You must make your ad and landing page make sense to the person that clicks your ad and visit your landing page.

If your ad is attracting visitors that don´t understand these pain points you are talking about on your landing page. They will not understand your offer. Therefore the result will be that you have click on your ads but you will not gain any conversions which in turn means that you pay for an ad that doesn´t give you an ROI (Return On Investment).

So, what did I learn?

To get the right persons to click your ad, you therefore need to do your research correct and sincere. This makes sense now, right?

When you know as much as possible of these persons, your avatar. You then do as they do. Visit their hangouts. Research the books, interests, jobs, idols, hobbies, etc. to get yourself the info you need to be able to gather keywords from all these areas. And then you use these keywords to make your ads popping up and be displayed to them as they are using exactly those keywords!

Now, the probability that the right persons see your ad is much higher. You don´t target everybody in a way as if you would have used “online businesses” as a keyword for an example.

Good luck with researching your avatar. Happy keyword hunting and may your conversions rise.