Presenting a new member of the family.

Hi there!

Today I will do something different. I will present to you a new member of my family. On the 26th of October, Cirkus, the one-year-old cat moved in with us.

This is a picture of our cat Cirkus lying in the living room window.

He is a mixed-race of Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, and the domestic cat. He comes from another loving home but where the previous owner felt that she hadn’t got the time that Cirkus needs and deserves to attend to his longhair fur.

We are honored that Cirkus was willing to adopt us as his new family and he has settled down in his new home. Today was his first time outside and it all went perfectly well and he returned home after about a 30 minutes scouting of the vicinity. As he came back inside he got some leftovers from daddy’s (mine) pork chops and cream gravy.

Cirkus is testing daddy’s cooking skills.

Cirkus loves to stretch out in the living room window right above the radiator where it is warm and cozy. And he has the most awkward postures where he is twisted to the maximum. I can’t in my life understand how that can be comfortable, but it’s his choice.

Picture of Cirkus stretching out in the living room window.

Well, this was a short presentation of Cirkus. If you want me to keep giving you updates about his adventures, please post a comment.

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Thank you for now and until next time. Take action! Without action, you will stay exactly where you are.

See life quality in small things in life!

Today I and my wife are brewing some beer at home. This time we are brewing a Pilsner – Bohemian Pilsner.

Picture: Daniel Soderlund is brewing beer in the kitchen at home.

I think these kinds of small things truly are life quality. To be able to spend time with my loved ones, doing some pleasant and relaxing chores together. In this case, hopefully, we get to enjoy our efforts twice as we try to make some fine tasting beer. We have only made one batch of beer previously and that was an IPAHHH – Indian Pale Ale. But that batch became very good and tasty so we thought we would make another try but with another type of beer this time. I hope this will be as good and tasty as the IPAHHH became. But of course, in another way as it is another type of beer.

Picture: Eva Soderlund is brewing beer in the kitchen at home.

Oh, what a dream it would be to have a house deep into the forest and be mostly self-sustaining. Brewing our own beer, spirits, and wine. Hunt for meat and preparing it ourselves by smoking it, make sausages, drying it and make some Beef Jerky out of it. Produce our own electricity by solar, wind and water-power. Create hydrogen gas from electricity to power our vehicles and perhaps even our heaters and stove. It would be fantastic to be able to live that much closer to nature and really try to live in as big harmony with nature as possible.

Well, it´s not impossible. On the contrary, it´s highly possible if I keep my focus on my dreams. Time will show if I will fulfill all of my dreams, I have so many, or if I will settle with some of them. It is so much I want to do and I have wasted too many years already by living life on autopilot just as the school has taught me. I am in a hurry, I want to live more and I WILL live more.

Keep following me on my journey, I like you accompanying me. And who knows, maybe you also discover that you want to make some changes to your life as well. Then I am here for you, and I will support you and guide you to the best of my knowledge.

Today It Was Time For Reloading the Mental Batteries

Today I went out to Tido Castle together with my wife to watch the local wildlife in the area around the castle.

Daniel is watching moufflons on a field thru binoculars
Me watching moufflons thru binoculars.

We got to see moufflon and fallow deers. The moufflons were the greatest herd of an estimate of 30 – 40 individuals. They are far out in the field quite hard to get with a mobile camera.

Eva is watching moufflons on a field thru binoculars
Eva watching moufflons thru binoculars.

Of the fallow deers, we saw two herds in which the first one had about 18 – 20 individuals. The second one was of about 25 – 30 individuals. I tried to take some photos thru one of our binoculars two lenses. Didn´t go too well unfortunately.

Fallow Deers eating on a bush
Fallow Deers eating on bushes.
Fallow Deers, photo attempt thru binoculars
Photo attempt thru the binoculars.

This area has a very beautiful sceenery with lots of old oaktrees, small roads and green fields.

Daniel is standing by an oak at the side of a small road
Me standing by an oak.

Being in this type of environment is pure medicine on one’s mental health. I strongly believe that the lack of possibilities for us humans to be in this type of environment is the greatest cause of mental illness among us. Being out here is such a great stress relief. Seeing the wildlife and nature. Hearing the birds chirping in the tree crowns. All these things just tune my mental state into calmness.

Try to remember, we come from nature. When you are stressed, go back to your origin and find yourself again. Sometimes you need to reset to and start again to be able to feel good and do a good job.

Take some micro moments off and enjoy life. Remember how much there is to be thankful for.