See life quality in small things in life!

Today I and my wife are brewing some beer at home. This time we are brewing a Pilsner – Bohemian Pilsner.

Picture: Daniel Soderlund is brewing beer in the kitchen at home.

I think these kinds of small things truly are life quality. To be able to spend time with my loved ones, doing some pleasant and relaxing chores together. In this case, hopefully, we get to enjoy our efforts twice as we try to make some fine tasting beer. … Read more

Today It Was Time For Reloading the Mental Batteries

Today I went out to Tido Castle together with my wife to watch the local wildlife in the area around the castle.

Daniel is watching moufflons on a field thru binoculars
Me watching moufflons thru binoculars.

We got to see moufflon and fallow deers. The moufflons were the greatest herd of an estimate of 30 – 40 individuals. They are far out in the field quite hard to get with a mobile camera.

Eva is watching moufflons on a field thru binoculars
Eva watching moufflons thru binoculars.

Of the fallow deers, we saw two herds in which … Read more

Happy times!

Happy son!

I am so happy and proud today!

My son has passed the drivers test so now he´s got his drivers licens. 😀

It is extra nice that he passed the test because my boy is not much into studying. But he nailed the theory test and it only took him 2 times to pass the practical driving test.

I am a really proud father right now and really happy for him! He has started to make things happen … Read more