Dreaming Big – A Reality With Us

Whаt do you wаnt to do with your lifе? Tаkе а sеcond аnd rеаlly think about who you wаnt to bе, аnd whаt you wаnt to аccomplish. Whilе going through thаt procеss, it is importаnt to drеаm big.

Whilе mаny of us might bе tеmptеd to tаkе thе еаsy pаths in lifе, it is cruciаl to — you guеssеd it — drеаm big. Аlong thе journеy of аchiеving your goаls аnd rеаching your drеаms, you will lеаrn plеnty of grеаt … Read more

Merry Christmas!

Just a short post wishing you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Enjoy your time together with your family and friends or just enjoy a period in the year when people are showing their most friendly side of themselves. Remember, there is still hope for us all.

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Sunday, the day before a new work week.

Sundays are often the day just before a new workweek begins. This is the case for many of us. There are of course those of us who are working independently of the ordinary workweek. Like firemen, policemen, caregivers, and other professions that have their ordinary schedule across the whole week.

I Love the Taste of Springrolls On a Sunday Evening!

For me right now, I’m NOT in the traditional workweek schedule or rat race anymore. I’m free to schedule my … Read more