Short update

Sorry for not have been in touch lately.

I am in the process of tweaking and changing bits and pieces in my advertising campaigns. This also includes creating new landing pages etc. to make my campaigns more coherent. All these actions are happening thanks to the wonderful support I get from SFM. Without SFM, I would stand here scratching my head wondering what I would do to get my work to start showing progress.

This was just a small update on what’s happening on stage right now. Things are not standing still, it’s just that everything is not so visible right now.

Professional help

Today I got some professional help to go through my webpage and tracking system. As a member of the SFM community, I have the possibility to call for help and support from highly skilled persons within the system.

She scanned through all of my business system and found a few errors that I wasn´t aware of. Thanks to this I was able to correct some things that would have given me some headache later on. She also eased my worries about some things that I was worried about and I thought that I had misunderstood.

My next step will be to schedule a web meeting with my mentors and Bing experts to learn how to interpret the stats that I´ve got from my Bing reports.

It is nice to have the feeling of support and progress.

I need to tweak my ads.

My first ads are up and running. They have been up and running for a week now so now I´ve got some stats for me to really start to learn what´s going on. It´s time for me to start go through the stats and to find out what is working and what is not. I will also check my tracking setup to see if there are any faulty settings that I´ve been setting up.

As you see there is quite a lot to handle. But keep in mind that I´m still able to do this in my spare time. This will eventually, as I keep learning the skills to master this, grow into my future income base. And of course, it´s not only this that you see here that I learn. The SFM educations offer so much more then what I can describe here. There are full Marketing Mastery, Import Experts and other even greater education levels that you can choose to attend to in the system. And these educations are not just some few hours courses but real, sometimes yearlong, educations which gives you the possibilities to practice and earn while you learn. A choice of one education level doesn´t exclude another.

If you are curious about what SFM is, then click my “Start Here” menu button above and get the chance to know for free.

You might not be that very impressed with what you see here, yet. But remember, we are all different, and we all learn our own way and at our own pace. You will see, I´ll make it eventually and it will not take me ten years to get there. I see myself living a life free from boundaries. Feeling safe in my financial situation. Satisfied with how little time I need to put down on work and how much time I have got to do what I really enjoy doing within a foreseeable future.

So take your chance and join me, or I will see you from the other side further on.