Learning ways to get traffic to my page

I was talking to a friend today and we were talking about creating traffic to the blog. As I don´t have any clue about how to do this I was very happy to recieve some great advice from him. He told me to get an Instagram account and start posting on Instagram. In his case it had started to generate traffic to his blog alomst instantly. So as a first step of increasing the traffic to my blog I will get an Instagram account 🙂

Economy is important

For those of you who are skilled in the Swedish language, I can recommend my friend’s blog that is about the economy and stock trading. In the blog, my friend is talking about the setup and the savings procedure. My friend has made it kind of fun to save money when you do it like this.

My friend also talks about the strategy and posts regular reports on the progress. It is in a fundamental and easy to understand way that my friend explains what is being done and why.

If you like me think, that the economy is important and are skilled in the Swedish language. Then I highly recommend that you pay my friend’s blog a visit.

Here is where you can find the blog: utdelningsmaskinen.se

Finally made the change

So finally I was able to make the change I was looking for. I wanted to have my blogposts on a separate page and just a welcoming text on my “Home” page.

I was not really sure how to move the previous post from my “Home” page to the “Blog” page first. But eventually I found out that it was a matter of moving “Categories” not “Posts”.
Then I discovered that my earlier posts was in two different categories, that led me to the next thing to solve. I needed to make sure that ALL posts was in the same category.

After some troubleshooting about changing categories on existing posts and solving that problem by following these steps. I was ready to create the new “Home” page, set it to static and then connect the “Blog” page to my blog category.

So here we are. Making progress 😀