Improving the website.

I am constantly learning how to improve my website. From now on, I’m more capable of using tags. It has taken me a while to get an understanding of what to use the tags for. Now I start to understand how to use the function. As a consequence, I now begin to go through all my previous posts and make sure they are properly tagged.

I have also split my blog into a couple of categories. As of now I only have two active categories. The “Build an online business” and the “Live the good life” category. As time goes and I get more possibilities to get out and learn the skills of hunting, I will start to post blogposts about hunting and nature in the category………wait…….wait……wait for it……TADAAA!!! “Hunting and nature”!!!!

I think this “Hunting and nature” category will be really fun to create and fill with good blogposts.

To be able to spend time doing the things you love to do and to be able to write about it and in that way provide material for your own business. That’s nothing short to amazing.

I hope you will join me and follow my different blog categories as I go along. Feel free to comment and give me your thoughts about this thing that I do. You are also welcome to join me on my journey by starting your own journey. Do so by clicking the button below.

Getting into the deep water.

Today is the first day without any steady income. Yesterday was my last day as employed. My hopes are that it will stay that way.

I still can’t make a living upon incomes from an online business but it is still my goal. I am still struggling to get my Amazon accounts, there are two of them now, approved. It has proved to be a real torment to get them approved. I really need them to get approved ASAP now, as I need to get started with my Import/export business to get the money to work for me.

My next step will be to sell off one of our cars, as we can’t afford to have two cars at the moment. But as the money starts to roll in, maybe I will get me another one. It is a good thing to not get too attached to physical things. I will put the money I get from selling the car into use in my business instead. There they will be of much more use multiplying themself instead of decreasing as the value of the car is decreasing.

Two steps forward, one step back. But all in all forward, always forward!

Sunday, the day before a new work week.

Sundays are often the day just before a new workweek begins. This is the case for many of us. There are of course those of us who are working independently of the ordinary workweek. Like firemen, policemen, caregivers, and other professions that have their ordinary schedule across the whole week.

I Love the Taste of Springrolls On a Sunday Evening!

For me right now, I’m NOT in the traditional workweek schedule or rat race anymore. I’m free to schedule my work time as it fits me, at the moment. This makes it perfect to enjoy a, for us, typical early weekend dinner like homemade Springrolls even on a Sunday.

We use to do Springrolls at home from time to time. It is a very tasty dish and it’s also a very cheap dish counted per person. I would approximate the cost to be around $0,15 cents per Springroll and you maybe eat 4 – 6 Springrolls so the total cost for a person is about $0,60 cents – $0,90 cents per person. I think that is quite a cheap dinner.

Picture of my wife preparing Springrolls.

There is a bit of work to do before you can dig in and enjoy the goodies. But it’s all worth it.

Picture of Springrolls ready to be deep-fried.

I use to prepare all of my Springrolls prior to deep-frying them.

Picture of my Sringrolls being deep-fried.

I deep-fry my Springrolls in vegetable-oil in 180 degrees Celsius or 293 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another picture of my Springrolls being deep-fried.

The Springrolls are left in the fryer for 3 – 4 minutes or to when I think they look ready. The filling is cooked once so there is no risk for uncooked ingredients.

Picture of me mixing Sweet Cili Sauce and Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.

I like to eat my Springrolls dipped into a mixed dip of Sweet Chili Sauce and Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.

Picture of the two bottles of Chili Sauce.

This is how the bottles of the two different sauces look like at my location.

Freedom from the ordinary workweek.

It’s quite a nice feeling to not have this anxiety that often struck me when I had to go to work on Monday morning. The feeling that I don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time in the morning is very pleasing.

I wake up my son every morning at 7:00 am, he is home with me soon to be 20 years old and has no ordinary work to go to. We get up and take a quick walk for about 30 minutes to wake us up and get our bloodstream flowing. Then I continue with a little morning workout before I take a shower and prepare myself for the day. When done in the bathroom I fix my breakfast which I consume in the company of my son and the morning tv broadcasts. At 9:00 am our workday begins.

This is not for everyone.

It’s important to know that this way of living is not for all. Some might find this lifestyle hard to sustain, to keep working without having someone who is telling you what to do. It requires an inherent work ethic and tenacity to live in this way, and also a living dream to have something to aim for.

This is how I am keeping it all going.

I use my dream as a driving force to keep me going. This is also why I use a schedule that is much more enjoyable than a regular job but it also helps me stay on track. For me, just the routine of getting up in the morning and doing my little workout is like a little gold nugget that maintains my character and actually makes me better all the time.

What is the freedom with this?

The freedom comes in the fact that I can postpone a work session if something that I needs or want to do arises. And the things that I need to do does not have to be as big of a deal as before as it now is I, myself that makes the decision and not a boss.

If my neighbor comes by and wants to take a cup of coffee it’s alright for me to do it, if I think so. If my wife has a day off from her work I can take the day off as well. She is soon going to live like this as well. This is the freedom I’m talking about, and how many of us don’t want to have it like this?

  • I am my own boss.
  • I answer to myself.
  • I answer to my own happiness in the future.
  • I and my family will be the beneficiary of the rewards of every piece of work and effort I put in and I’m looking forward to getting to share all of this with my family.

If you want this as well, you might just as well get it in full, much faster than me.
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