The website has strange oddities going on.

You might experience the website to have some strange oddities here and there from time to time. Don´t be too alarmed about it as it is just me trying out some new stuff. As I’m doing that I will be trying to figure out how to have the new stuff work as I want it to work and therefore as I don´t have a “dummy page” you will be able to see my struggle 😉

Bare with me and consider it to be a proof of transparency to my work and development. Many other websites wouldn´t for the life reveal such things as they see it as proof of “No, know-how”. But you already know that I don´t have any “know-how”, don´t you? 😉

I´m getting there eventually and you will be with me, I´m sure.

Do you think education is important?

  • Do you think education is an important step to save the world from poverty?
  • Do you think education is important to fight starvation?
  • Do you think education is the solution to stop the desertification?
  • Do you think education is a solution to overpopulating?
  • Do you think that education is the solution to the problems the world faces today?

KhanAcademy is a non-profit organization that delivers education to people all over the world. If You like me believe that education is a key-component to mankinds success then do like me and donate. I donate a small sum every year to them and if we all did the same they wouldn´t have any problems with fundings.

If You like me think that education of all mankind on earth is a way for us to solve these problems. I suggest that You visit KhanAcademy’s webpage and make a donation.

If You need a good cause to donate? This is it!