Easy to make mistakes

Haha, it is so easy to make small mistakes here and there that can cost you lots of money if are not careful. Fortunately, I have set my daily budget very low for my ads. This is what is needed at the beginning when learning to create advertising ads.

Somehow I had managed to set my bids for clicks to a max bid of 29 Sek. per click. This is a very high bid on clicks when I have set my daily budget to 50 Sek. It meant that I ran out of budget instantly and it didn´t create anything at all. So in the last two days, I have spent 50 Sek. per day for nothing. Not especially good, but I have learned something though and it´s only 100 Sek. wich is approximately $10. No big deal.

So after rain, there is sunshine!

I learned that I had changed my bid settings for my campaign AND one of my ad-groups. And these increments that I had made to the bids to target specific locations, gender, and age they stacked upon each other and created this big total bid of 29 Sek. per click.

Thankfully, Alex on Microsoft Advertising Support gave me great support and patiently guided me to the settings that I was trying to achieve on my own previously. Now I hope to see that better result that I was aiming for when I relaunched my ad-campaign.

I have tweaked my ads now.

I´m quite excited right now. I almost can´t wait to see if there will be any difference in the performance of my work now.

I have just finished the first tweaking of my ads and landing pages. I let some of my ads stay paused to focus my budget on some few ads instead of spreading my budget too thinly over many ads. I have also seen to it that my landing pages are more coherent to my ads. I hope these first steps will make some difference and make my ads and landing pages perform better.

Thus far I have got 234 clicks and 4 conversions and paid roughly $23 for it. So that’s about $ 5.75 per conversion, $0,10 per click and about 1,7% conversion rate. This is not a good result. But it is my absolutely first-ever result in my online marketing life. So I am happy never the less. I can´t even complain about the task at hand because this is actually really fun doing. And I got to start somewhere, right?

To get to know all of this, I need tracking of the clicks on the ads and also tracking on from which of the clicks that result in a submitted email address. Without tracking of these parameters, you will never be able to continually enhance your work.

The goal here is, of course, to get as many as possible to join me on my journey to reach his or her’s dreamlife.

Sense of urgency

I’m starting to get a sense of urgency in my life. The days pass and the fall becomes more and more apparent. Daylight becomes shorter and the fruits of the trees ripen. In just a couple of months, a year has passed again and I am still not at my goal and the dream life I want. The feeling of urgency creeps in on me. I do not grow younger and I am very sure that I will not receive any extraordinary offers in my daily work to create my dream life from there.

Of course, all of this is to be blamed on my ability to procrastinate. It´s a menace to my dream if I let myself procrastinate like this and I need to take control over life again.

This, here, what you now have witnessed me experience. Is what is stopping the must of us from succeeding in reaching our dreams. It is imperative that we do everything in our power to fight this malicious behavior.

I, for instance, need to boost my energy levels by watching mentally uplifting and positive Youtube-videos and reading short articles of the same sort. That is the first thing I need to do to “pop” myself out of my procrastination “mode”. I also need to straighten up and organize myself and write down the daily “to-do”-list and then actually DO the things on the “to-do” list.



By writing down all this and confessing to you, I feel much more energized. A feeling of happiness and actually mental calm occurs. It must be that I create something that hopefully will help someone on their journey towards their dream life that gives me this positive impact.

This is what I want to spend my life doing. Help others in many different ways, building people and communities. Help make dreams come true. That would make my life feel fulfilled.