About Daniel Soderlund

Hello, my name is Daniel Soderlund!

I am a mid-aged married Swedish man that has gone fed up with living my life on autopilot. I feel that life has so much more to it and that I have so much more to give than what I have made myself able to receive and give this far. I want to continue developing myself and live a life in progress.

As a consequence of this state of mind and how I browse the web. The web started to publish lifechanging and lifestyle ads on the websites I visited. In one of those ads, there was this person from Sweden just like me, Magnus. He showed me there was another way of living that gave people the possibility to create a free lifestyle with almost no boundaries and great possibilities to gain a fulfilled life.

All this sounded fantastic but at the same time, I was quite a bit skeptical. This is too good to be true.

But I thought,

“Well, it´s free to try and I really want to change my life so I will watch this FREE Video Workshop Series and see what I feel for this after watching it. I will decide after I´ve gotten some more info, what to think.”

Well, the result is what you see here!

From being a person that reinvents himself from career to career. Making an attempt to become a Master in Science of Robotics just to get the feeling of progress in life. Failing the studies. Thinking of leaving civilization and move out into the forests of Sweden or escaping to a simple life somewhere in South-East Asia.

Just to get away from the “9-5” rat race. All these “must” that constantly pops-up and keeps me from all of my “want to do”.

That life was actually killing me mentally.

Coming from that.

I am now TAKING ACTION, for real, and changing my life. I AM making progress and learning stuff that I know will, and I also feel is getting me closer and closer to the life I´ve always wished for. I am already a happier person and I now have hope for the future again. My eyes have been opened, I have wakened up from my life on autopilot and now see that I can become what I always wanted to become. All this might appear like some kind of religious revelation to you. And so it might be for some. I am not I religious person, but this is most likely the closest to religion I have ever been. I have regained the ability to dream and I can think that that is almost like a religious experience.

My dream is to be able to travel around the world and create some small mini-homes here and there. To which, I and my wife may return to from time to time. In those places, I would like to contribute to society by creating a work opportunity for those of the locals that would like to have that kind of work. The company will focus on the recycling business. My company will gather trash and refine it into usable materials again.

Some of the revenue from my local businesses will be reinvested in the community by building schools. These schools will be focusing on teaching the children to think outside the box and learn how to solve problems both individually and in groups. There will not be any type of religious curriculum in my schools. This, as I think religion is a personal thing that is best left alone within yourself.

In addition to all this, I would also like to have and run a professional shooting range. As I practice both IPSC gun shooting and long-range target shooting with rifles, this is an absolutely selfish part of my dream. But it is my dream and I am free to strive for everything I like in my own dream. And so are you!

Are YOU, like me, willing to WORK to get your own dream life? Instead of continuing working for some corporate owners profits and wealth for the rest of your life. Are you ready to WORK for YOURSELF in the future and become your own Boss?

DO what I did.

Start to believe in yourself succeeding with the help of a supporting community, skilled mentors and proven system. If I can do this, so can you!

Click here and get a glimpse of the possibilities the future lays before your feet. Get the info and make up your own mind.

I would love to see you start your journey to a fulfilled life!

Whatever you choose.

This is me.

Nice to meet you!

PS. I took a personality test and I posted some of the results from it in my blog. You can read about it here to find out a bit more about me.